Helping your pets get through Firework Night!

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August 31, 2017
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Helping your pets get through Firework Night!

Bonfire Night, Firework Night, Guy Fawkes Night, whatever you may know it as, you will know it is fast approaching!

For many of us it’s a time of the year which we look forward to. Autumn has crept in, the leaves are gradually falling delicately from the trees and crunching underneath our shoes, the nights are drawing in, the air has got a slight chill to it and the skies are lit up with an array of colours from many of the spectacular firework shows going on. I love autumn, it always reminds me of when we used to go to firework displays when we were younger. My mum would wrap us up in warm clothing, ready to brave the cold to go and see the fireworks.

As much as I enjoy bonfire night it’s important to remember that not everybody does, especially your pets. Bonfire night and the run up to it can be noisy, particularly if you have sensitive hearing like your four-legged friend does. The loud bangs from fireworks going off can be very scary and disruptive to your pet as they don’t understand what is going on.

There are some things you can do to try and relieve their unease during this period. You may already do these, or it could be that since last bonfire night you’ve added a new four-legged companion to your home and the experience might be new to them. Hopefully the list below may provide some ways to try and keep your pet feel a little more comfortable during this time of the year.

    • Close windows and curtains to keep the house as dark as possible, to reduce the level of noise and to block out the bright lights.
    • Try to stay home with your pets when fireworks are going on. You can try to distract them by playing with them but do not force them to play if they do not want to. Continue to act normally to encourage them there is nothing to fear.
    • Music/TV will help to muffle out the sound of fireworks in the house.
    • Make a den for your dog to hide. If they already have a cage, make it as snug and secure for your dog as possible by adding blankets or bedding. A large blanket over the top can help make it feel more cosy.
    • Provide a safe place for cats, such as cardboard boxes scattered around the house with plenty of blankets. They may prefer to be high up or tucked away in a corner.
    • Ensure your cat is home before dark and keep them safely inside when there are fireworks on. Do not try and tempt your cat out of their box when fireworks are on as this may cause distress.
    • If you have small animals that live outside, consider bringing them in during this period or provide extra bedding and cover to allow them to burrow down and hide.

Lastly, we can’t forget about our wild spikey friends.  If you’re planning to do a bonfire, please check them for any sleeping hedgehogs before lighting.

Have fun and keep safe this Autumn!





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